How It's Made

Our Products

Here at Laura Fernandez Designs, we believe in slow made, hand crafted accessories that are just as unique and one of a kind as the person that owns them! That's why each of our accessories are handmade with precise attention to detail so that you can be sure that a great deal of love, care and attention has gone into every piece. 

The Process

Every accessory starts its life as a block of clay that is then shaped, moulded and rolled with little details added along the way, whether this be a sparkle of copper leaf, a print design or added a little texture. After baking, every item is the sanded, buffed and assembled into the accessories that you see in our collection!

Laura Fernandez Designs - The process of creating our unique and one of a kind polymer clay jewellery and accessories

Our Collection

Made in small batches our collection is constantly evolving and changing with new designs featured often as well as new product launches so be sure to check our online stores and stockists regularly to see our most up to date collection!